Nordic Physics Days 2020

19-21 August, Uppsala, Sweden

The conference is organized by the National Physical Societies in the Nordic countries and hosted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University. It will be held in Uppsala, at the University Main Building, 19-21 August 2020.

The Nordic Physics Days is an international conference that welcomes students, researchers and teachers. The program includes plenary contributions from outstanding researchers and speakers, presenting exciting research findings in a variety of physics fields. In addition, parallel sessions will be dedicated to the meetings of the different sections of the Physical Societies.

In special recognition of Uppsala University’s contributions to Physics Education Research (PER), a symposium on PER (physics education research) is arranged within the Conference. The PER focus will be on Representations in the teaching and learning of physics.

This conference will also be the occasion to celebrate the 100-year jubilee of the Swedish Physical Society, founded in Uppsala in 1920. An EPS historical Site will be inaugurated at the end of the conference. The nominated site used to host the laboratory of Anders Jonas Ångström (1814 – 1874) who made significant contributions to several areas of physics, but is most known as one of the founders of optical spectroscopy. He introduced a unit for electromagnetic wavelength, equivalent to 0.1 nanometres, which later was adopted as an international standard under the name Ångström.


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Important dates

December 2019: Abstract submission opens
10 February 2020: Registration opens
20 March 2020: Deadline for abstract submission
15 May 2020: Deadline for Early bird registration